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Futurist Organizations

There are some official organizations out there for people to sign up as Futurists. These organizations often have webinars/seminars, courses, networking for futurists, and conferences for members. The goal of these organizations are all relatively similar. They have their member database of Futurists who may get invited to be guest speakers (on the future) and are encouraged to produce futurist works. In return, the futurist members get the benefits of that organization.

The Main Organizations

What Does It Take To Become A Futurist?

With these organizations, anyone can sign up as a lower level member. Full memberships are considerably more difficult to come by, especially with the World Futures Study Federation and the Association of Professional Futurists.

For these two organizations you must:

  1. Fill out their application form.

  2. Send in your CV

  3. (For WFSF) The applicant must list evidence of experience in futures research, teaching or consulting activities AND endorsements from two current Full Members.

  4. (For APF) The applicant must email a request for nomination; as well as having work done in at least 2 of the following categories: consulting, organizational function, postgraduate education, certification program, speaking, teaching, or writing. These are all defined on the APF website.

Why Become An Organizational Member "Futurist"?

Futurists in these organizations help to advance professional standards regarding futurism through research, networking, and seminars/conferences. They reach the community through similar means. They can start networking with each other, forming community within themselves. On top of this, outsiders (of the organizations) can reach out for their perspectives or assistance with thinktanks or research work or something similar.

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