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Learning to Move Beyond Social Blockades

One of the key points for Ultramodern Futurists (read the book) is to move beyond social blockades. A social blockade is a societal hang up over sexuality, race, gender, individual belief system (religious or spirituality), and other similar issues. These blockades cause immense social issues. These blockades are often not things that can be changed. We must ask ourselves: Why? Why does it matter if someone is black or gay or a trans-man or wiccan?

Before moving onto the rest of this piece of writing, let me state that this is a subject that results in three perspectives: 1) the people who get it, 2) the people who want to remain offended over these blockades, and 3) the people who are certain the goal is to “whitewash” or ignore or forget social trauma associated with these blockades.

“Some things are up to us and others are not” (Enchiridion)

Quite often, these topics are turned into blockades due to subjective perspectives tied to some sort of flawed groupthink. Ultramods want to move past these hang ups, these social blockades, because it ends up in negativity and conflict. If a person (or group of people) are offended over someone else’s sexuality, race, gender, or individual belief system, then the root of the problem is with those who are offended. Why are they offended? Is it due to a bad experience with a particular group of people? Is it due to a particular religious belief?

The time wasted on propagating hate towards a particular group of people could be better spent on just about anything else. Some groups are adamant that their particular set of beliefs are the only way, while everyone else is wrong, despite hate or conflict causing social blockades, all while claiming “peace on earth, peace among men”. This way of thinking is inherently flawed. How can you be against a particular group(s) of people while also claiming some sort of peace? The answer is: You cannot.

How Do We Move Beyond Social Blockades?

Some people just understand. You have to move past social blockades for peace and progress to happen. You may not like everyone, but let that be based on action (or inaction) and personality conflicts -- not based on social blockades.

We need to acknowledge history, both good and bad. We need to acknowledge our individual origins equally. We need to allow people to express themselves (sexuality, gender, individual beliefs, etc) as they feel they need to. We also need to come to terms with the fact that these aspects of individuality can only have significance by relativity, which I hope to show with the following examples. These acknowledgements go for all people of all races and all genders.

Constant learning is fundamental for Ultramodern Futurists, even if topics vary greatly. Striving to always be better and always learning more makes us better individually and as a whole. The greater step is presenting your learning and findings to your fellow man, even if this is just done in deep conversation.

When it comes to societal perspectives, the Ultramodern Futurist opts to objectively use data and reputable sources to develop their opinions. Logic is a necessity for progress; while we don’t repress emotions, we prefer to keep them in check. We are influenced by classic stoicism. We are willing to have an open debate with others in an effort to understand their perspectives while communicating our own thoughts. We expect a similar mindset regarding politics and political leaders.

Consider This

  • If we become a space-faring world, in the sense that we can go back and forth in space with ease (perhaps Earth to Mars), what will happen when we encounter an alien race? If we are able to move beyond our earth-bound social blockades, won't we be more readily accepting to have diplomatic relations with an alien race? Why compound potential future issues when we can diffuse them now?

  • If the majority of society was able to push beyond social blockades, how much progress could we be making? Imagine being able to put all that energy and time into other things like sustainability or making big developments into food printing/replicating or medical advancements.

"It's a long road to hoe, but I'm just the Joe to hoe it." (The Tick)

This is not an easy concept to discuss or to get people onboard with. As I stated before, people often think it's an attempt to whitewash the issues or ignore them or that I don't understand the issues. I'm suggesting that actions speak louder than words. Let's simply start (proactively) by being equals, acknowledge the past, move on, and push for a better future.

How can we get past these social blockades on a larger scale? Leave comments below.

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