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Looking For Ultramods

Want to write? Want to have your podcast featured here?

I am on the lookout for Ultramods who are interested in contributing to this site (writing) or who would like to have their work featured on this site (podcast or vlog or something).

Writers - If you are interested in writing something, whether it's one blog article or ten, send me a brief email. I'd like to know a little about you (location, education, occupation, interests, etc) and what you would like to write about. I'm picky but open to ideas, so sell yourself a little. Warning: If you send me an email to the effect of "Hey, I'm [name] and I'd like to help with your blog. Just tell me what to write about. [email] Thanks!" I will NOT be impressed and your email will go straight to Trash.

Podcasters/Vloggers - If you would like me to feature your feed on Ultramodern Future, please send me an email introducing yourself. Let me know what your podcast or vlog is about, how often you produce content, and how it relates to Ultramods. Also, send me a channel link so I can check it out. I'll get a space set aside for podcasts and vlogs once I start getting submissions.

Anyone accepted as a writer, podcaster, or vlogger will be asked to do an interview with me for this site.

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