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Upgrading Your Daily Life

You should consider your daily life and how you can upgrade for a more Ultramod lifestyle. When it comes to daily life, we need to look at the four modes of health, useful daily gadgets, and projects.

You should already be on top of, or figuring out, your 4 modes of health (mental, physical, medical, spiritual). If you find yourself mentally bored, look into further education. This is a sign of low mental health. It will help alleviate the boredom. Choose something that will challenge you. This is something that I personally started doing with math. I never would have thought that I would end up considering a graduate certificate in Applied and Computational Mathematics, but I am. Before I really get started I need to take a few prerequisite classes.

Your physical health can be dealt with through regular exercise. If you are putting in the effort, but aren't seeing the results you want then seek a medical professional to check your blood, thyroid, and hormone levels, also check your nutrition. You may be eating the wrong foods for your body. Once you figure this out, you should be able to get on a regular schedule with things.

It's also important to address pushing aside modern tropes of an imbalanced person. People exhibiting these negative tropes are on a fast track to an unhealthy lifestyle. They're often boring with limiting beliefs and interest in inconsequential matters (e.g. celebrity gossip, sensationalism, etc). Consider where we see these negative tropes and how we see those groups of people.


Let's turn this around and talk about some daily gadgets that can really help out any Ultramod. These are just a few to get you started. If you want me to cover something in particular, just let me know.

Indoor Growing Systems

These can vary from countertop to standalone models. They can grow enough produce on a regular basis that you will end up saving money on your grocery bill. You will still need to hit the grocery store for produce you aren't able to grow.

Top Choices:

  • Aerogarden - $99.95-$819.95 - Countertop and floor models, some wifi connectivity

  • My Gardyn - $899-999 - Floor models with wifi connectivity

  • Lettuce Grow - $399-699 - Floor model with adjustable size

Home Security System

In this day and age we are concerned with security. The great thing is that it's fairly inexpensive to set up a wireless security cam for inside or outside your home.

Top Choices:

  • Little Elf - $40-60 Amazon - Indoor security, wifi connection, color/night, audio

  • Blink Security - $34.99-$139.99 - Indoor and outdoor security, connects to Alexa

  • Google Nest - $99.99-$279.99 - Indoor and outdoor security, connects to Google


Having a tablet that doubles as an e-reader with bluetooth function (to connect with wireless headphones and stuff) is so essential now. I love physical books, but I find that I currently do most of my reading through e-books. If you haven't picked one up for yourself, consider doing so.

Top Choices:

Smart Outerwear

If you want to start updating your wardrobe with smart clothing, you may want to start with a piece of outerwear that has smart technology or advanced technology. You'll wear it everyday, it's useful...

Top Choices:

  • Levi'sxGoogle Commuter Jean Jacket - $244.98 - A jean jacket that can link to your phone to take phone calls, connect to music/headphones, etc

  • Levi'sxGoogle Trucker Jean Jacket - $139.98 - Classic style jean jacket that pairs to Google

  • Oros Apparel Quantum Vest (women) (men) - $160 - Lightweight, aerogel insulated vest

  • UA Rush Zip Jacket (women) (men) - $100 - Combines UA Rush and UA Storm technology for infrared technology that reflects your body's energy to help you work harder & recover faster and technology repels water without sacrificing breathability

  • Galactic Bioware Barrage Jacket - $600 - A smart casual heavy duty outer jacket lined with multiple layers of laminated high-modulus polyethylene to help protect your head, chest front and back. It's lined with a comfortable polyester with an advanced polymer weave provides extraordinary all-direction stretch ability, comfort, durability and moisture distribution for quick-dry. The collection employs a multi-layer system of fibers that aims to reduce the impact and injury level from gunfire, knife wounds and bomb shrapnel.


Projects are the final thing to really take a look at when you want to upgrade your Ultramod lifestyle. Some people can only have one project at a time, while others can deal with multiple projects. That depends on the person.

If you have no projects going on, you should consider finding a project to work on. Not only does this keep you busy and mentally engaged, it keeps you from becoming stagnant. Stagnation will lead to poor decisions, boredom, and can even lead to mild depression (if not dealt with).

Some people aren't sure how to get started with having projects that could end up affecting other people. Check out previous blog posts Proactive Ultramods and Public Spaces. You can get started, at least with brainstorming, with those posts.

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