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Why Ultramodern Futurism?

I realize it is not the most common activity, writing a manifesto, but I did it. A manifesto is simply a public declaration of policy and goals. The Ultramodern Futurist Manifesto is forward thinking with knowledge, progress, and the removal of social blockades (mentioned in the manifesto). Social blockades are issues that currently cause discrimination - race, gender, sexual orientation, and religion (the four major blockades).

Why? Have you ever sat back and wondered why it matters? Does it matter if Joe is Indian while Jill is white? Does it matter if Gina is a bisexual wiccan? What matters are their abilities. If Joe is always at work on time and he gets his work done correctly, that's what matters. If Gina is consistently late and is so actively defensive, to the extent where people begin to avoid pointing out work mistakes because she instantly jumps to "this is discrimination because I'm a bisexual wiccan", that's immediately disruptive and creates an unstable environment long term. Based on her work, she should be let go. One HUGE goal with Ultramodern Futurism is to remove the social blockades. Gina shouldn't be actively defensive like that and she needs to develop better work ethic. That is a result of current social issues.

The only way social blockades are going to be removed is by accepting everyone as they are. We need to focus more on actions, abilities, and mental processing rather than the social blockades. If you need an example, look at any version of Star Trek. Looking at the original series: Spock was simply a Vulcan, Uhura was a black Earth woman, Chekov was a Russian Earth man, and Sulu was a Japanese-American Earth man. The women in Star Trek are just as capable as any man, no one questions sexuality because it generally appears to be fluid, and it doesn't matter where people are from - - unless there's a war going on between the Klingons or Borg or something. BUT, you get the idea. Once tensions were culled we started seeing Klingons in Starfleet, same with Ferengi and even a few former-Borg. Isn't that a goal to strive for?

Focus on the individual has it's own chapter in the manifesto. We need to each become stable through physical health, mental health, medical health, and spiritual health. Someone aiming to live the Ultramod (nickname) lifestyle should aim to become physically fit, mentally stable, medically good/stable/void of dependency, and spiritually sound (whether daily meditation or connection to nature or through structured religion). Once we're stable, which may take a little time to achieve, we can seek more stability elsewhere in our lives. We will be able to deal with occurrences better, we will have a more positive attitude, and we will get more done.

Another big issue that is pushed with the manifesto is environmental protection. Currently, we only have one planet to live on and we need to take care of it. Sure, we are planning a Mars colony and perhaps a moon base. Until those things happen, we need to find ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Suggestions: Renewable energy, recycle, reduce carbon emissions, litter pick up, finding solutions for dealing with landfills, switch to more efficient technology/appliances, finding solutions for removing garbage from waterways and oceans, reforestation, and reduction of single-use throwaway items like plastic bags.

Each person is able to do a little bit to help out on a daily basis. Try daily recycling at home/work/school, using reusable grocery bags, using travel mugs and water bottles, grow your own produce, switch out appliances/boilers/etc for energy efficient models, upgrade your vehicle to a hybrid or hydrogen fuel cell or electric vehicle, and if the weather is good - ride your bike to work/school.

Other aspects of Ultramods are using new technology and integrating it into daily life. Working on projects that explore the future and future ideas through science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics (STEAM). Adopting the look of future fashion, which is often (not always) modeled on 60s mod fashion, uniforms, cyberpunk design, and sci-fi inspired design.

We also gather together in groups called crews, simply to hang out with other like-minded people. You can form a crew or find one local to your area on the website.

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