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Ultramodern Links

General Robotics/Electronics



  • FitBit - Health and fitness monitoring

  • Polar - Health and fitness monitoring

  • Amazon Halo - Health monitoring that pairs with Amazon smart items

  • Garmin - Wearable fitness monitoring and GPS tracking

  • Apollo - Wearable stress reducer

  • Lumen - Track your metabolism

  • Peloton - Fully connected spin class at home

  • Echelon Fit - Smart exercise equipment

  • Macvon - Smart exercise mirror and strength trainer

  • Mirror - Smart exercise mirror

  • BMind - Care OS - AI Mirror that can help with beauty and mental wellness

  • Motion Pillow - Get a better nights sleep



Smart Home


Science Equipment


  • Cybr Magazine - Focuses on futurism and tech culture.  AR magazine features.

  • Popular Science - Digital magazine featuring new science and technology.

  • Popular Mechanics - Print and digital magazine featuring new tech, inventions, and innovations.

  • Wired - Technology magazine in print and digital.

  • Scientific American - Science news, research, analysis, and technology.

  • AR-VR Magazine - Digital magazine focusing on AR and VR.

  • Reason - Current news, future trends, science, technology, etc


Commercial Robotics/Automation

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