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Ultramodern Futurist Manifesto

Philosophy & Goals


The concept of an Ultramodern Future is rooted in forward-thinking, progress of knowledge and technology, high ideals, and to ultimately attempt to create the best society possible while simultaneously understanding that we can always become better.  This counterculture movement is situated on academia, the arts, and showing one’s worth through creation, discovery, and progress.

High ideals are one of the key elements of the Ultramodern Future.  We have moved beyond social and cultural constructs (blockades) that seem to stump current society.  If we are to pursue advancement, things such as race, religion, and gender should not be barriers.  Does it matter who does the work?  As long as it gets done efficiently and effectively, the social and cultural blockades should not apply.  They are the primitive concerns of current society and lead to too many problems.

Along with high ideals are the concerns for personal living.  In general, we, as individuals, must keep ourselves in prime working condition, our habitation in an orderly state, our food free of “the bad stuff”, and remaining willing to communicate.  If these core conditions become out of order, we simply become unstable.  In current society it is far too easy to become unstable; in fact, being unstable appears to be the way current society operates.  There is great appreciation for proper communication methods and practices.

Progress is the driving force of the Ultramodern Future.  The Ultramodern Future is not opposed to any specific subject as long as the goal is rooted in progression of subject, discovery, and creation of new work.  The acceptance of cross-subjects is highly approved of.  Some examples of this would be: wearable technology (fashion design, textile development, technology), 3D printed food (culinary arts, technology, chemistry), and prosthetics (medical, robotics, materials engineer).  An ultimate goal for any Ultramodern Futurist is space travel and exploration.

When it comes to societal perspectives, the Ultramodern Futurist opts to objectively use data and reputable sources to develop their opinions.  Logic is a necessity for progress; while we don’t repress emotions, we prefer to keep them in check.  We are willing to have an open debate with others in an effort to understand their perspectives while communicating our own thoughts.  We expect a similar mindset regarding politics and political leaders.

Ultramodern Futurists are more or less politically centered (term “centrist”) due to the understanding that one thing requires another; example: democrats want to have gun control, even to the point of taking guns away, while republicans promote gun ownership.  Ultramodern Futurist understands that both perspectives have valid points.  What we seek is compromise or a tertiary option.


Personal Development

The base of any successful society is successful people.  At the core of any successful person is personal health (mental, physical, spiritual, medical), consuming healthy foodstuff, maintaining an orderly habitation area, and remaining willing to communicate.  To have these core conditions out of order, we would become unstable.  Instability impedes progress.

When it comes to personal health, the four main aspects that need to be kept in check are mental, physical, spiritual, and medical.  The goal for any Ultramodern Futurist should be to fix the problem, preferably through the best means possible, instead of becoming a “repeat customer” for big pharma and hospitals.

Mental health can be managed in a variety of ways, from taking a self-care day to meditation to counseling to institutional therapy.  Mental health can also be affected by the instability of other personal health aspects.  It can thus be fixed by stabilizing the other personal health aspects.  Emotional and sexual release can also affect mental health, as well as other various types of health.  Emotional release may be experienced through the arts, counseling/therapy, making connections, communication, and by attempting new feats.  Holding back and/or considering emotional release “lesser” than any other part of mental health will create instability.  Practicing mindfulness may help self-regulate mental health.

Physical health should be kept in check through an annual or biennial comprehensive blood panel, exercising regularly to keep the body fit, and aiming to keep body fat levels at within an appropriate range for age.  These three basic methods for keeping physical health in check will help create awareness of potential health hazards (cholesterol, vitamin deficiencies, etc), physical abilities, and avoiding obesity.  Obesity can lead to several issues, easily avoidable or lessened by remaining in good health.

Spiritual health can relate to personal religion, connecting with nature, creating self-peace, and spiritual healing.  Spiritual health is highly individualized and personal.  The question arises: how do you find inner peace and connection with the universe?  For some it’s practicing a structured religion.  For others it is a frequent connection to nature or meditation or alignment of chakras.  Spiritual healing can be done through a variety of methods: chanting, energy work, meditation, ritual, etc.

Medical health should be maintained as needed, but avoid becoming a hypochondriac.  The goal with medical health is to fix the problem, not “bandage it up until next time” which is often the current mindset.  Natural medicine doctors may be the preferred option to general practitioners due to their open mindset and willingness to try natural options before jumping to big pharma.

Consuming healthy foodstuff is a person’s natural right.  Whole food items, meats without additives or hormones, avoidance of extra sugars, avoidance of processed foods and food additives, and the increased consumption of water is ideal.  The unfortunate reality in current society is that fake food is often thought to be cheaper than whole food items and predominates with restaurants.  Food and water is fuel for the body.  You can make it taste good, just avoid the “bad stuff”.  It is suggested that one should consume 0.5 to 1.0 times their weight, but as ounces each day.  This would look like: 0.5 x 150 = 75, 1.0 x 150 = 150; total range 75 to 150 oz of water per day.

It would be ideal for general health to be taught and practiced starting at a young age so it becomes a lifelong habit.

Maintaining an orderly habitation area is key to reducing anxiety and creating order in one’s life.  Most Ultramodern Futurists find a sense of comfort in cleanliness and with practices of minimalism.  Your habitation area, whether at home or at the office, is a direct reflection of yourself.  If an aspect of your health is unstable, it will be reflected in your habitation areas.  If you are on top of things, your habitation area will also reflect that.  Maintaining a clean, tidy area can also reduce the spread of germs, bacteria, and irritants (mold, dust, dander, pollen, etc).

If one remains willing to communicate, problems have the potential to be resolved at a better rate.  Conflicts often arise due to a lack of communication.  Sometimes one must accept being humble and making admissions or asking for assistance in order to get ahead.  Communication also encompasses clearly verbalizing thoughts, using proper grammar and spelling, being willing to listen to another party, understanding that opinions will vary, understanding the principles of debate, being willing to attempt compromise, and appreciation of the arts.

Other personal development issues for the Ultramodern Futurist are nearly trivial.

Clothing should reflect the futuristic aspirations of the person.  This is often based on pop culture references, wearable technology, high tech fabrics, and other influencers that vary from person to person.  We often see uniforms or a mix-and-match style uniform being worn in science fiction films and television during work or school times, but a more personalized style being worn during “off hours”.

Personal hygiene should be maintained on a daily basis.  Daily cleansing and grooming should be done without issue.  Advancements in personal hygiene have greatly improved and continue to make advancements.  This includes hair products, skin products, teeth cleaning, fragrances, bodily cleaning tools and washes, make up, and shaving items.

Negative behavior, such as addiction and criminal activity, has no place for the Ultramodern Futurist.  We may have some questionable research, but we try to conduct ourselves in the best way possible.

Constant learning is fundamental for Ultramodern Futurists, even if topics vary greatly.  Striving to always be better and always learning more makes us better individually and as a whole.  The greater step is presenting your learning and findings to your fellow man, even if this is just done in deep conversation.


When it comes to societal perspectives, the Ultramodern Futurist opts to objectively use data and reputable sources to develop their opinions.  Logic is a necessity for progress; while we don’t repress emotions, we prefer to keep them in check.  We are willing to have an open debate with others in an effort to understand their perspectives while communicating our own thoughts.  We expect a similar mindset regarding politics and political leaders.

There is a current mindset of “things/people/rules need to accommodate us, rather than we should accommodate rules/people/things”.  Rules and laws are set in place for a reason.  If you dislike that reason, it would be good practice to communicate your reasons why and what your suggestions would be to alter the rules or laws.  With the current mindset there are often complaints but people lack communicating their reasoning and often have no presentable solution, or they simply don’t want to make the effort to explain themselves leaving them to simply be whiners and complainers.  Presenting your different view, perhaps as a written statement or an opinion article, can generate more discussion on the issue at hand; the wheels can then be put into motion on your solution or can thusly be properly debated.

Ultramodern Futurists are more or less politically centered (term “centerist”) due to the understanding that one thing requires another; example: democrats want to have gun control, even to the point of taking guns away, while republicans promote gun ownership.  Ultramodern Futurist understands that both perspectives have valid points.  What we seek is compromise or a tertiary option.  Our political leanings do tend to be more science and technology forward, although if the science and technology is detrimental to the planet or humanity Ultramodern Futurists would opt to find a better option.  We absolutely believe that there are always other options.


Home & Community

The home is ideally a smart home or a home that uses some smart tech.  Smart homes are designed to be somewhat automated, while a home that uses smart tech is a standard home that uses one or more devices as strategically placed computers, robotic vacuums, an Alexa or Google device, etc.  These options are designed to make daily life simpler.  Tech that is not user friendly or that is unnecessary gets in the way and should be avoided.

Plants are ideal in the home, whether as beautification or as an edible.  For those not interested in houseplants, it might be best to consider a self-contained lettuce grower or something equivalent.  While not required, a few plants can help keep the Ultramodern Futurist connected with nature.

The home should be a space that is comfortable, that inspires, and preferably has futuristic design elements.  A lot of futuristic design has a basis in modern and mid-century modern design.  Part of this is the aesthetic to bring nature into the modern design space.


The Ultramodern Futurist looks at the community for support of their preferences.  Electric vehicles and recharging stations, the integration of technology in restaurants, automation, the attempt to eliminate fossil fuels, opting for renewable energy, and other such options are preferable.  A high tech community or strives towards a high tech community is wanted.

Some Ultramodern Futurists try to innovate new tech specifically for their communities.  This could be something such as an improved solar panel, an improved snow melt system, creating bio-packaging out of fungus, or a better environmental scanner for subterranean workers.  Presenting our research, new innovations, and demonstrating our new tech is how we want to approach the community.



On a national level, the Ultramodern Futurists hope to see changes towards a positive, forward-thinking country.  We want to see more of a reach towards an academic, healthy, and a science and technology forward nation.  People need more focus and more encouragement to progress.  It goes back to our fundamentals of creating personal stability.

Essentially the Ultramodern Futurist would like to take our individual and local community goals and transpose them on a national level.


Political issues are always a hot item with manifestos and it’s no different for the Ultramodern Futurists.  These are 12 hot political issues to help convey our mindset in a general sense.   FOR DISCUSSIONS, PLEASE JOIN THE FORUM.

  • Personal Sexual Orientation, Identity, Religion, and Race Issues.  We have moved beyond these issues.  Sexual orientation, gender identification, religious preference, and race is just part of people being people.  The people who focus on these topics as “problems” are the actual problems.  Ultramods accept people for who they are and what they are able to do.  We value the productivity and actions of people; and, don’t feel that race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation has an effect on that.

  • Abortion and Sexual Rights.  Ultramods understand that there are a number of various reasons why abortions may be needed or wanted.  The person carrying the conceived has the right to make the final decision, as it is their body that will change if pregnancy goes to full term.  We do believe that the limit for deciding on abortion should be capped at 6 months, unless there is a medical emergency.  When it comes to sexual rights, we support planned parenthood and the right to sexual prevention measures such as birth control pills, condoms, IUDs, etc.

  • Educational Reforms.  Ultramods fully support educational reforms that promote higher learning at a younger age.  This includes a mandatory logic class, debate class, communications class, nutrition class, and community service class.  The structure of the basic K-12 system needs to be altered for more efficient learning.  The promotion of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics) is the main focus of education.  Students need to be encouraged to want to better themselves.  If parents prevent this, perhaps there should be a school dormitory (much like a boarding school) available since the parents would stunt progress.

  • Gun Control.  We support the right to own guns, but we also believe that before anyone can legally own and purchase a gun, they should have to go through a training program with at least 60 hours of range firing time.  Unless additional training is acquired, we find it unnecessary for the common person to own high-powered weapons.  It’s understood that illegal gun ownership and purchases will still happen.

  • Alternative Energy.  Research into the use of thorium, wind, solar, hydro, biofuels, and other forms of alternative energy need to be funded.  The goal should be to reduce the reliance of oil and gas by 2030.

  • Environmental Regulations.  We need to uphold strict environmental regulations to prevent incidents like the Flint Water Crisis and the extinction of local flora and fauna.  In an effort to protect the planet in which we live, we must find ways to reduce carbon emissions, remove plastic waste from the ocean, deal with landfills, and to make recycling a daily effort rather than an afterthought.

  • Space Exploration.  Space exploration needs to be well funded, as we see it as the next step for humanity.  This isn’t simply shooting rockets to the moon or Mars.  We need to have plans for encountering extraterrestrials, colonizing Mars, establishing a moon base, regulations for space mining, etc.

  • Public Transportation.  The use of high speed trains and airplanes need to be put into use across the country.  A push towards electric, hybrid, and thorium powered vehicles is vital to reducing our dependence on non-renewable energy sources.  EVTOLs need to be considered as a new form of transportation.  As Ultramods, we aren’t opposed to funding teleportation research, but currently it is not a feasible mode of transport.  We are also in support of stricter regulations on receiving driver’s licenses in order to help prevent vehicular accidents.

  • International Relations.  Ultramods support efforts such as NATO and WHO, but we would like to see more association with the Bureau International des Expositions and other international organizations that make an effort to better mankind.  Hosting expositions like the World’s Fair or a new form of international STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics) exposition should be done every 3-5 years to encourage new work, a mingling of cultures, and inspiration for future work.  

  • Healthcare.  Ultramods believe that each person needs to strive to create a balance between mental care, physical care, medical care, and spiritual care.  Too much of one or not enough of one is enough to throw the body off balance.  Ultramods are looking for a national push for physically fit people who take time for spiritual and mental care, while having available and affordable medical care.  We support price capping for pharmaceuticals.  We support increased restrictions on opioids.  We support the use of western and eastern medicine.  The biggest obstacle we face is obesity.  By reducing obesity the people should become overall healthier, though it doesn’t fix all problems.

  • Definitive Eugenics.  Eugenics is understandably not a term that most people like to hear, but with extremely defined parameters, Ultramods see it as a more economically viable option in certain cases.  These birth defects lead to a drain on the economy and are a burden on society.  Only in these cases would we propose the use of eugenics: anencephaly, encephalocele, severe and profound levels of intellectual disability, severe spina bifida, and congenital muscular dystrophy.  We objectively question the quality of life, the economic strain, and the lack of societal benefit.

  • Automation.  We support automation of industries where automation makes work more efficient.  While there would be some job loss due to workers being replaced by robots, there would still be positions available for robotic maintenance, production supervision, programming, etc.  Automation of industry is not suitable for all industries.  We are sure that with other stuff going on, other possible jobs would be available.



On a global scale, Ultramodern Futurists want to see a global community that can work together to accomplish more progress.  Fixing global issues to create a global society that can progress together is ideal.  There are major issues to deal with before this happens such as: religious zealots, terrorists, negative political regimes, fossil fuels, corruption, and greed.  We hope our research and innovations can help resolve these primitive global issues.

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