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Ultramods & You

It doesn't take much to get started on the path of being an Ultramodern Futurist (or "ultramod").   While part of this lifestyle is pure aesthetic, there is a high emphasis on actually doing things, working on projects or designs or research.  The first step that you should take is to check out the new expanded version of the manifesto and decide if you agree or disagree with it.  If you agree, then begin following it.

The concept of an Ultramodern Future is rooted in forward-thinking, progress of knowledge and technology, high ideals, and to ultimately attempt to create the best society possible while simultaneously understanding that we can always become better.  This counterculture movement is situated on academia, the arts, and showing one’s worth through creation, discovery, and progress.

Image by Alex Iby
Image by Mick Haupt


Forming an Ultramodern Futurist club in your local community can help further the cause by gathering other like-minded people to pursue projects, studies, and research.  Ultramodern Futurist clubs are referred to as "crews".  You may choose a name that reflects your area or desire to reflect a spacecraft name.  An ultramod club may feature activities like quarterly robot battles, competitions for design work or demonstrations, a public presentation of projects or research, or a youth outreach program focusing on STEM subjects.  The club may want to participate in research projects posted by NASA or other body of advancement.  Schedule regular weekly meetings.

Any Ultramodern Futurist club should aim to publish an annual collection of work done by club members.  This should include research, monographs, art, design work with write ups, and other activities done by the group.  The club may also opt to present their work to the public.

Clubs are meant to be fun and inspirational.  Take an assessment of what your club members are interested in and come up with some projects to work on.  Members should be encouraged to work on their own individual projects, as well as group projects within the club.  It might also be fun to just have some intellectual fun with game nights, group hikes, and discussions over coffee.

Since the clubs are open to the public to join, it may be wise to cover the basic steps of the scientific method.  Planning out projects is also something that may need to be done within the club to help members further develop their ideas, make plans, work out kinks, etc.

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