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Entomophagy for the Future?

Would you indulge in eating insects?

Entomophagy is the practice of eating insects, especially by people. While a high majority of people around the world participate in eating insects, some societies have yet to really embrace this practice (USA, Canada, western Europe, etc). Insects tend to be high in protein, low in fat, and very low in carbs. In science fiction we do see other cultures eating insects, as seen in Star Trek, Galaxy Quest, and Bladerunner 2049.

Pros of Entomophagy

  • Increase food sustainability

  • Healthy protein alternative

  • Small space for growth

  • Improved gut health

Types of Insects

The popular types of insects to consume are:

  • Crickets (umami flavor or parmesan or almond)

  • Mealworms (umami with nutty aftertaste)

  • Silkworms (mashed potato)

  • Ants (lemony, spicy citrus)

  • Leafcutter Ants (bacon and pistachio)

  • Honeypot Ants (floral honey)

  • Hornet Larvae (raw - gamey clotted cream; cooked - sweet mussels)

  • Termites (crispy bacon)

  • Shea Caterpillars (meaty vegetables)

  • Palm Weevil Larvae (buttery pate or bacon)

  • Scorpions (soft shell crab)

  • Giant Water Bug (salty banana or briney melon)

  • Agave Worm (pork rinds)

  • Black Soldier Fly Larvae (blood pudding)

  • Buffalo Worm (mild and nutty)

  • Cicada, nymph (artichoke or lobster)

  • Cicada, adult (peanuts or almonds)

  • Cockroach (greasy chicken)

Recipes to Try

Where To Find Insects and Insect Products

Further Reading


Would you participate in entomophagy? Is this a viable option for the future? Please leave comments below.

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1 commentaire

Jessie Desmond
Jessie Desmond
18 mai 2022

I have tried EXO Bars - chocolate because I won a box of them. Not bad - though chocolate isn't my flavor of choice. They were free since I won a box of them, but the cost of them (at the time) were a little too high. I think the price has come down since.

I think cricket powder/flour is easy to incorporate into daily food. I wouldn't mind trying a few things, but absolutely no scorpions or spiders. Those two are a big NO WAY for me.

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