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Review: UA Flow Velociti Wind 2 Running Shoes

Under Armor has created a smart shoe called UA Flow Velociti Wind 2 Running Shoe. It goes for $160. (LINK Women) (LINK Men)

  • CONNECTS TO UA MAPMYRUN™: tracks & analyzes your running metrics to help make you a better runner

  • Warp™ upper optimizes containment with lightweight lockdown & allows maximum breathability

  • One-piece Flow midsole provides responsive & long-lasting cushioning

  • Flow technology eliminates the rubber outsole, creating a more lightweight & seamless ride on any surface

  • Outsole material is super-durable & increases ground traction

I've only had Under Armor clothing before, so this will be my first shoes from them. I've also never had "smart shoes". Mine have always been regular shoes like Adidas Sambas or New Balance Trail Runners. I do have the sister app to MapMyRun called MapMyRide, which I use to check the distance I ride my bike in the summer. I am not an outside runner - I usually just do that at the gym on an elliptical, BUT I do like to get out walking with the dogs and hiking. I'm also interested in these shoes because I want to see if they inspire me to be more active (outside of the gym and jiu-jitsu). For those of us who don't like to wear anything on their wrists (fitbit), perhaps this is the new way to "get in our 10,000 steps a day".



Day 1 - These shoes are a little tight, but I don't think that's a bad thing. I also think I might just be overly comfortable with my old, super worn shoes. These shoes have a thick sole that is typical for running shoes. Since I weight lift at the gym, I don't think these are going to be replacing my Adidas Sambas - which have a firm, flat bottom. One thing I really like about these shoes is the reflective detail. There is a section on the back with reflective spots, but there is also reflective thread woven throughout the construction of the shoe. I didn't even notice until I glanced at my shoes in the bathroom. I live in a weird place that ends up with nearly 24 hours darkness at winter equinox and nearly 24 hours of daylight at summer equinox. Reflective things are used year round up in Alaska because we have some weird sun angles.

Day 7 - After a week of wearing these to the office and showing them to my doctor, I figured that if there would be any problems they would make themselves known. None that I have experienced. They have started forming to my feet. They do pretty well on the ice (break up season in Alaska) and feel like they have really good street traction on pavement and flooring. It's easy to bring up the app and track yourself.

Price - $160. At first I thought these were expensive, but then I bought a more expensive pair of Star Trek boots because I'm a super big nerd. I think these shoes are going to be worth the $160. I'm guessing that in the future the price for smart shoes is going to go down while availability goes up.

Comfort - At first these seemed a little bit snug, but after a few days they start to form to your feet - like any good running shoe. They are super lightweight and have good support.

Bonus - Smart shoes have the obvious bonus of the ability to connect to your phone via app. Another bonus is the reflective threading used on the shoe - a little safety if you're out in the early am or late pm or if the sun is at a weird angle.

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