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Tech Home #3 - Bedroom

Bedrooms are not usually the focus of a high-tech home, but there are some ways you can manipulate the space for better utility. What I’m going to avoid here are mattresses because there are so many paid reviews of mattresses available, you shouldn’t have an issue there.  Are there smart mattresses?  Yes.  Here are the categories: Bedding, Atmosphere, Sleep Tracking, Bedroom Technology


There are great improvements to bedding to help give you a better night’s sleep.  You can find sheets and duvets aimed at cooling such as Rest Duvet’s Evercool products.  Temperature regulation sheets and duvets which keep you cool in hot climates and warm in cool climates.  These are typically made from bamboo viscose or are an oeko-tex certified material.  You can also find silver-infused bedding which has natural antibacterial and antiviral properties.  People who use silver-infused bedding see reduced skin issues, reduced odors, and benefit from the temperature regulation properties.  There are a lot of brands out there for each of these types of bedding material.  Be sure to read the reviews.


The atmosphere of your bedroom is going to include lighting, humidity, and airflow.

Bedrooms are often given one overhead light, so why not make it something worthwhile?  If you improve your bedroom lighting you’ll be able to see better (important when getting dressed) and you’ll be able to opt for a more efficient light like an LED.  Lighting temperature choice will also make a big difference.  “Warm” lights 1000-3500K can make a space look smaller.  “Neutral” or “Daylight” lights range from 3500-5500K are usually preferred for best color and best sight.  “Cold” lights 5500K+ are usually white-blue and can impair some vision regarding details.  If you decide to use a smart LED fixture, you should be able to choose your preferred lighting through a phone app or with a click of a mounted button.  Lamps also come with these smart features. You may also want to install a light in your closet (naturally a darker spot) and have a light source on a bedside table.

Humidifiers can assist in better sleep, improve sinus health, can improve skin health, and can improve indoor plant growth. A humidifier produces water vapor which raises your indoor humidity levels. There are a number of smart humidifiers out there. When looking at humidifiers consider the tank size, type of water used (some require special water), type of filter used, cost of a new filter, and square footage coverage. Sometimes you get additional features like nightlight, aromatherapy, or temperature control.

Recommended Brands: Govee, Levoit, Dyson, HoMedics, Honeywell, Carepod

Airflow can help you sleep more soundly while keeping you cool in hot temperatures. Don't just run out and get any old fan. We're ultramods, we want improved features for greater benefits. The Snooz Breez fan also doubles as a white noise machine, all while connecting to an app so you have total control. Dyson has cool fans and warm fans, both feature air purification and air humidification capabilities. Plus, they're bladeless and have a sleek design.

Brands: Snooz Breez, Dyson

Sleep Tracking

If you are concerned about your sleep habits, then you might want to consider sleep trackers.  Sleep trackers monitor your quality of sleep by way of a wearable monitor for access to your biodata - heart rate, breathing, movement, amount of sleep, sleep efficiency, waking events, etc.  Look for a non-invasion wearable that will connect with your phone.  A lot of fitness tracking watches have sleep tracking options, but the question is: do you want to wear a watch while you sleep?  You can also opt for a sleep tracking mat, which goes under the fitted bed sheet and you sleep on it.

Brands: Whoop, Oura Ring, Ultrahuman Ring, various fitness tracking watches, Withings Sleep Tracking Mat

Bedroom Technology

You’ll want to start looking for better bedroom technology, such as a wireless charger or a charging station for your phone, e-reader, fitness watch, etc.  Charging stations come in various forms.  To pick the right one for you, start by assessing what you need to have charging.  Search for charging stations, make sure it’s compatible with your devices, and check the reviews.  Check charging stations for additional features such as clock, weather, or nightlight features.

Therabody produces wellness products. A great product are the smart goggles which helps to relieve eye pain, headaches, and facial tension to reduce stress and promote better sleep. This company also produces the theragun, a percussive massage tool.

Brands: NeotrixQI, Therabody Smart Goggles,

Readers: I hope you're liking this tech home series so far. Next up is going to be "Living Room". Please email me if you have something you'd like to add.

Second note: If you are interested in writing a segment, please email me. Let me know. I've been looking for some assistance and additional perspectives. In your email please tell me why you would be a good fit for this site, what topics you are interested in, etc

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