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A List of Potential Project Topics for Ultramodern Futurists

I spent a little time coming up with some basic potential project topics for Ultramodern Futurists. Most of these ideas are cross-subject, like "high tech textiles" includes the arts and materials engineering. These aren't the only topics, just jumping-off points to get your brain going.

Architecture, Public Spaces, & Planning

  • Local modernized public space

  • Ultramodern Housing

  • New Building Material for Housing

  • Ultramod architecture and design

  • Improved infrastructure for the future

  • Landfill solutions

  • Increase and improve recycling

  • Sustainable architecture

  • 3D printed architecture


  • Wearable medical technology for patients

  • Warp drive

  • Artificial gravity

  • Constructing a moon base

  • Constructing a Mars base

  • Growing plants in lunar or martian regolith

  • Renewable energy

  • Faster forensic technology

  • Strategic space defense regarding astronomical objects potentially impacting Earth

  • Space station

  • Improving air quality

  • Rocketry

  • Gene editing for enhanced humans

  • Terraforming a planet

  • Push for bloodwork and hormone testing to be done at specific ages to help curb poor health in citizens


  • Advancements in 3D printing

  • New VR program

  • New wearable technology

  • Podcasting about the future

  • EVs and eVTOLs

  • Wet technology (neurotech, subdermal tech, implants)

  • Robots and Drones

  • Death technology (inspired by ‘Upload’, ‘Soylent Green’, etc) to help ease one into dying

  • Space mining

  • Androids and cyborgs

  • Energy shields/force fields

  • Space weapons

  • New tech to improve households

  • Agriculture Robots and Technology

  • Vertical Farms


  • Designing futuristic tech, logos, etc

  • NFT art

  • AR tours

  • Ultramodern Theater

  • Ultramodern futurism in film/tv

  • Ultramodern futurism in literature and comics

  • Holograms

  • Virtual reality environments/games/simulations

  • High tech materials/textiles

  • Wearable technology as fashion

  • Daily fashion for Ultramods

  • New ballistic armor

  • Lightweight extreme cold weather gear

  • Ultramodern interior design

  • Ultramodern furniture and industrial design

  • Ultramodern music


  • Food bar as a single meal without allergens such as soy, wheat, peanuts, etc

  • Food replicator

  • What is futuristic food?

  • Clean water for extreme environments

  • 3D printed food and drink

  • Entomophagy as a possible renewable food source

  • Taxing unhealthy food

  • Food technology design

  • Food for long space travel


  • Education reform geared towards making a smarter student

  • First contact protocols

  • Sustainability solutions

  • How to reach a post-scarcity economy

  • The process of reforming the political world for a better tomorrow

  • Space politics

  • Creating unity in the world

  • Pollution and pollution detox regulations

  • How to increase the use of bioplastic while reducing the use of petrol-based plastic, in the scope of daily life

  • Ethics of Gene-Editing Earthlings

  • Reducing healthcare costs through incentives for healthy living

  • Push for objective views of political issues

  • Healthcare pharmaceutical price cap

  • Fixed medical pricing for common procedures


  • Learn to move beyond “blockades” as a society (blockades in reference to the Ultramod term) as we are all equal

  • Make math and hard sciences more common place in society

  • Improve public education to produce more educated people

  • Reduce homelessness or find solution to homeless care

  • Crime reduction through future technology and social techniques

  • Reduce drug and alcohol abuse

  • Create bigger international holidays (at least quarterly) for planetary awareness (environment, pollution reduction, etc)

Feel free to make suggestions in the comments below. Hopefully this list inspires the next big project for you!

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