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Funding Space-Related Start-Ups

Space start ups are quickly becoming a large industry. It's not just companies focused on rockets, it's also companies with focus on satellites, GIS systems, communication systems, building materials for space industry, etc.

After a little searching, I found 3 platforms that can be utilized for funding new space start ups: Karman, Kosmic Apple, and Moonshot Space Co.

If you are looking to form your own space start up, put together a business plan and check out these platforms to help you get ready for funding.


Space Bandits - Resource for new and upcoming space start ups

Karman - Karman is a market leading platform designed to deliver enhanced capacity, supply chain solutions and engineering technology on the most critical portions of rockets, spacecraft, missiles and hypersonic platforms.

Kosmic Apple - Toulouse, France - Platform for funding

Moonshot Space Co - Australia - Platform for funding

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