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Gear Up For Spring

It's the beginning of March and for those of us in northern cold climates, that tends to mean "Fake Spring" is upon us. The temperatures warm up, the snow starts to melt, and at the end of March or early-April we'll get a cold week or two before "Real Spring" happens. It's this time of year that people begin to get a little crazy. We want plants and we want to do stuff outside without freezing.

How can UltraMods gear up for spring?


This is an online garden planner. You can select your garden size, what you're growing, and this program gives you a schedule for gardening.

You can pick up a Melnor smart watering system, which hooks up to your hose bibb and your sprinkler system for programmed watering. It's a smart system, so it can connect to your phone or smart hub. Home Depot, Lowes, Amazon, and other places carry these items.

Robot Lawn Mower

There are a number of brands out there for robotic lawn mowers. PC Magazine reviewed them for 2022 - LINK. If you hate mowing the lawn, you can upgrade to a robotic mower. Look at reviews on the different models before purchasing.


Smart Bike Helmet

There are a number of brands out there for smart bike helmets. The Discerning Cyclist did a recent review - LINK. Bike Mag also did a review - LINK. Smart Helmets can allow you to connect with your phone and with other people you're riding with, may have built in lights (fixed and/or turning indicators), and may have speakers (phone calls, music, etc).

GPS Watch

Garmin is the most well-known GPS watch brand, but there are other brands to check out. Here's a review by Cleaver Hiker - LINK. If you like to get outdoors, a GPS watch is an excellent investment that can save your life. Instead of a clunky device (about walkie-talkie size), it's now in convenient watch form. Not only can a GPS watch guide you along the trail you're supposed to be on, it acts like a smartwatch and if you do end up lost, you can be located.

The most easily attained smart clothing is UnderArmor. You have ColdGear for cool climates, HeatGear for hot climates, UA Fleece for winter activities, UA Rush uses IR tech to reflect body heat back towards you, and UA Connected is a series of shoes that connect to an app to track distance walked/ran. There are always new developments, so keep an eye on UnderArmor.

iBobber by Reel Sonar

If you like fishing, up your game with the iBobber. It gives you a mini fish sonar in a bobber that connects to your phone. Fish smarter! Available through Cabela's.

So this isn't terribly exciting, but it does give you something to think about as "Real Spring" approaches.

I would like to hear your thoughts and comments. How do you think UltraMods can gear up for spring?

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