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Is Minimalism Ultramodern?

What is minimalism?

MInimalism is considered a lifestyle and practice of owning only what adds value and meaning to your life; removing the rest to avoid clutter, which, as YLiving states, "clutter causes anxiety".

Minimalism can be seen in architecture, home dwellings, fashion, technology, and even in the arts. Designs are often considered: sleek, clean, reduction of chaos/distractions, use of light, form, detail of material, awareness and utilization of space, quality over quantity, and a sense of peace and wellness.

By definition alone, minimalism sounds like it could fit within the realm of Ultramodern Futurism, but it's not the only design element within Ultramodern Futurism. Minimalism is definitely an influence for Ultramodern Futurism due to it's benefits (see below) and how it lends itself to a space-traveling future (which would require people to live minimally).

Scandinavian countries and some Asian countries have really taken to minimalism. You might instantly think of monochromatic dwellings, IKEA, iPhones/iPods, Marie Kondo, and Zen Buddhism.

Minimalist Lifestyle

The minimalist lifestyle sounds simple, but in a consumer-driven world it can initially be hard to part with your stuff and make the necessary changes. Really, that's all it is - it's stuff. Here are some key elements of the minimalist lifestyle.

  • Reduce Clutter - It might help to have a plan for clutter reduction (i.e. Week 1 "All Hallways/Closets", Week 2 "Living Room", etc). You can still keep things, but ask yourself if you really need it. In a consumer-driven society, we often see "stuff" as symbols of wealth, status, and how we want to be perceived. It's cool to have a few show items that you really love; it's another to have a wall full of Funko Pop figures or a spare room filled with dolls. It's ridiculous and the few that you really love get lost in the volume of "stuff".

  • Revamp Your Space - Kind of a fun element. After you declutter your space, why not consider a little touch up? Perhaps a wall could use some new paint or you finally get around to removing that dated wallpaper or maybe you finally get yourself that new fridge you've been wanting. When you want to revamp, allow yourself to take time to consider what you want. What colors are you going for? How will this revamp improve your life?

  • Minimalist Fashion - If you want to go as far as switching up your wardrobe for a minimalist look, start by checking out what minimalist fashion is. Typically, it's made up of non-slogan wear, basics, clean and sleek, often in a color palette that suits the wearer, and enough clothing to get by. Giant closets aren't a necessary for minimalist fashionistas.

  • Sustainability - Very often, once people start to embrace a minimalist lifestyle sustainability follows. We're talking recycling, reduce carbon footprint, being energy aware, utilizing green energy, opting to bike to work, etc.

  • Benefits - There are some big benefits to maintaining a minimalist lifestyle. You find yourself with more time. You save money because you're not buying "stuff". Increased mental wellness will occur because the clutter is gone and your space should feel clean. Productivity will increase. Cleaning will be easier. You can focus on more important things with less distraction.


Since this is a visual discussion, I have a bunch of pictures in 2 groups.

Real Minimalism

Minimalism in Film/TV, Concept Design, Etc

In this photo group we have some things from Star Trek, 2001: A Space Odyssey, conceptual design, some Wes Anderson inspired designs, Moon (2009), Gattaca, The Martian, an Oculus VR Environment, costumes, and clothing concepts.

Let's hear your thoughts on minimalism. Do you have any examples you would like to share?

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