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Moon Base

A base on the moon has been used in science fiction for decades and will soon be a reality. In September 2022, NASA announced that a future moon base was being planned for long-term human use by 2030.

This excites me. It is progress. It can elevate Earth to a new level of space exploration and discovery (imagine a moon-based observatory). It could even be a step towards space-based construction, such as a space-based habitat for workers constructing spaceships or space stations and an area set aside for transport of construction supplies. This might seem far fetched, but it is easier to launch a rocket from space than here on Earth. It could make a Mars expedition more likely to occur.

There have been a variety of designs, some from professionals, some from sci-fi artists. Here is a gallery of designs. What do you like? What don’t you like?

What does a moon base require?

  • Atmosphere creator - We breathe 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 1% other

  • Water System

  • Energy

  • Sleeping quarters

  • Restroom facility

  • Gym

  • Food - Hydroponics for fresh produce? Food bars? How are people eating?

  • Work space

  • Garage bay - To store and maintain moon vehicles, equipment

  • Other


How would you design a moon base? What would your base be focused around? Let's see some exteriors and interiors. If you design something, let's talk. Email Jessie: Send in designs and some sort of write up. I'd love to have further articles about this with multiple designs (that aren't just my own work).


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