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Review: Oros Apparel

Over the last few months, I have picked up 3 items from Oros Apparel. The big thing about Oros Apparel is that it's lightweight, thin, and uses Solarcore insulation (made with aerogel). You don't deal with bulk that is common with insulated gear. Bulk reduces mobility.

Explorer Hoodie (gold) $180 (insulation along black core area, not black on sleeves)

Delta Tights (black) $120 (insulation on quad area)

Quantum Vest (carbon) $160 (Insulation along top torso like Explorer Hoodie, as well as along center back)

Explorer Hoodie REVIEW - I love this hoodie. It works well in -15F to 40F weather when you want that extra warmth while you're outside. I wore it while shoveling a ton of snow and it was perfect. The only issue I've had is that sometimes it creeps up due to a somewhat large bust. It's not really a huge problem and does not shift up if it's zipped up all the way. This isn't made for super cold weather - like, it's not going to replace a winter coat. Anytime I It can work in the range I listed above. Also, I wore this hoodie to work on First Contact Day (April 5th) because I have it in the gold/black which seems very "Star Trek" to me (I didn't think I could get away with a costume at work).

Delta Tights REVIEW - I like these tights, but I think the price should come down on them. The only insulated area is over the quads. I tried them out when I took my dogs to the dog park in our early winter season. It was about 5F (slight wind) and my thought was "If only there was a little insulation around the calf..." I have a bit of a butt on me, as well as muscley legs (I lift weights), and these tights did have to be adjusted once or twice. I don't know if that would have been alleviated by sizing up or what. I will tell you that my quads heat up nicely if I wear these inside.

Quantum Vest REVIEW - I have practically been living in this vest since I got it in...February? Maybe early March? I don't really remember, but it was about that time. It comfortably fits around the bust and the hips. It has two nice pockets to shove your hands into and an inside zip pocket big enough for a phone. The back has an expandable area if you need a little extra hip/butt room. There are some reflective spots on the front and back of the vest. I've been wearing this in -15F to 40F weather. Alaska's weather is in total flux right now. I've gotten away with wearing the vest with a tank top on warmer day or with a t-shirt on cooler days. I kind of wish it was in black, rather than carbon (very dark grey). I managed to catch this vest on sale, so bonus.

Overall Review - It's pricey, but the quality of the items is there. The stitching is good, the fabric is quality tech fabric, and the Solarcore works. They function like they're supposed to, but I feel like they haven't taken the step needed to address more northernly cold weather climates. With that said, I'm talking about daily wear pants. I also have not tried out their jackets, but I'd like to. I did try to choose pieces that could work all year round, not just for winter (like with winter jacket). I think I made some good choices.

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