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Review: Pela Lomi

I recently purchased a Pela Lomi (, which cost $499. I'm going to go over some of the basics for this thing and my review will be at the bottom. This is a home countertop composter that will accept:

  • Fruit and vegetable scraps

  • Food leftovers, plate scrapings

  • Meat scraps

  • Soft bones and shells

  • Grains

  • Dairy products

  • Mixed nuts (No Shells)

  • Paper coffee filters, Coffee grounds, Tea bags

  • Rinds*

  • Peels

  • Houseplants, plants and flowers

  • Yard trimmings (leaves, straw, pine needles)

  • Lomi packaging (Lomi pulp insert, Lomi bag, activated charcoal filter bags, cardboard box)**

In limited amounts, you can add:

  • Confectionary (jams, candies, very sweet foods)

  • Very hard peels or fibrous waste (corn cobs, corn husk, coconut shells, apples)

  • Liquids

  • Very hard peels or fibrous waste (Full pineapple head, Corn husk)

  • Pistachio shells

  • Apples

  • Cooked potatoes

  • Nut butters

  • Some high sugar/high fat items

  • Dried cranberries

Here's the whole list of things you can, limited, and cannot put in the Lomi. HERE It has a pretty sizeable list of things it will take - which is awesome.

It works through processing the compostable items through heat, abrasion, and oxygen. It's supposed to be user-friendly, neutralize odors, runs quietly, and has different compost settings. It's roughly the size of a breadmaker at 16" x 13" x 12".



Lomi in use, 4/18/2022

Before arrival: I am super excited for this Lomi. I've been more aware of my home per sustainability lately and this is one of several ways I'm attempting to reduce my own carbon footprint. I also garden in the summer. Having a Lomi and collecting the byproduct it produces will go along way to creating a healthier garden soil content. Since I live in a cold climate area where at least half of the year we have super cold temps and snow, I plan on collecting the Lomi byproduct in a rubbermaid container, tilling it into the garden when I'm able.

After arrival: This product is super easy to set up and use. I had some stuff ready to go when it first came in and on day 1 I ran my first cycle. Super easy, no odor, low volume during cycle. The volume is about the same as a breadmaker or a low volume dishwasher, so you hear it but it's not loud. As I am writing this, I currently have the Lomi running with a mix of some bioplastic, egg shells, use tea leaves, vegetable peels/end pieces, and sunflower shells.

Price: $499. It's expensive, but the cost is low when you weigh it against the ability to reduce your waste by 50%. In an effort to be sustainable, it's a fair price.

I am very happy with this gadget so far. It does what it says it does and I can't wait to add the end product to my summer garden...once the snow melts and the ground thaws.

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