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Space Suits

Most space suits are developed by governmental space entities like NASA, Roscosmos, JAXA, etc; or, through a government contract with a commercial developer. If you really want to get into the market of space suits, I can hit some key points for you:

  1. Typically the work is by government contract or for a commercial space launch company like SpaceX

  2. The market is very limited regarding space suit development

  3. There are currently jobs available and there is potential for future growth/need for space suits

  4. Additional space suits will need to be developed for the handful of upcoming space stations being planned, lunar missions via NASA's Artemis, and other potential human space flight missions

Commercial space suit developers

Is anyone looking for people to work on space suits? Absolutely. Here are some places with calls out to people.

What sort of skills does someone need for space suit construction?

  • Industrial sewing, especially with high-level textiles

  • CAD, 3D modeling, mathematical modeling

  • Pattern-making

  • 3D Printing

  • Engineering degree - For the mechanical and electrical aspects of the suit, possibly materials engineer

  • Theater, Costuming degree - For the literal designing, sewing, pattern-making, and construction of the suit

  • Computer Science degree - For the integrated computer system that might be included in the suit

  • Aerospace Engineer degree - Someone proficient with a PLSS system - creation, integration, testing

  • Business degree - Project management, logistics, purchasing, project accounting, project coordination

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