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TransPod's New Ultra High Speed Transport

On July 22, 2022, it was announced that TransPod, an ultra high speed ground transportation system, would be connecting Calgary, ALB to Edmonton, ALB via it's new FlexJet system. FlexJet runs on fossil-fuel-free clean energy systems and is considered a hybrid between an aircraft and a train. It utilizes veillance flux, a new field of physics, to travel up to 1000 kph on a protected guideway. Each TransPod vehicle can carry up to 54 passengers + 2 wheelchairs + 4 luggage racks.

TransPod has offices in Canada, France, and Italy. It has low infrastructure and maintenance costs, allows for quick boarding/unboarding, and is capable of hauling both passengers and freight. TransPod Inc is a startup founded in 2015.

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