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Ultramod: First Steps

I had someone contact me through facebook the other day and they asked me how they could get started becoming an ultramod, or becoming MORE ultramod. They like the ideas, but felt a little lost in respect to starting.

Start as simply as possible by doing a quick self-assessment. Ask yourself these questions and give yourself honest answers.

  1. Where is my instability? Am I where I need to be mentally, physically, medically, and spiritually? If there is something I need to work on, that thing is an unstable point that I need to fix.

  2. Where am I at in regards to water in-take and foodstuff? Do I need to eat healthier? Do I need to consume more water? This is tied in with the first question and is just designed to make you operate at peak performance.

  3. Assess your habitat. Is your home cluttered or tidy? Can you reduce your clutter? Reducing clutter and having some sort of organization to your space will reduce anxiety.

  4. What do you want out of ultramodern futurism? Approach this as you would with a new set of goals. You can list anything, big or small, personal or community or worldwide.

The personal assessment is just a starting point. You have to start by working on yourself and your living space. Figuring out your own instability factors is always first. YOU need to get yourself functioning at peak performance, which is easier said than done. Most people tend to need to fix themselves physically, as in hitting the gym or doing something physical to become healthier. As you are trying to work on yourself, it helps to drink more water and make healthier choices regarding food. While you begin these first steps assess your habitat and get rid of extra clutter. Do you really need those extra items? It’s okay to collect certain things, but make sure it’s done in an organized fashion. No one wants to see a room full of dolls or a home so trashed that there are pathways between junk to each room.

Change starts with YOU

The first three can be giant steps for some people. While you are figuring those steps out, reflect on #4 What do you want out of ultramodern futurism? Some people want to redesign their lifestyle. Some people want to use this as a way to push themselves to learn more and be more proactive in their community. Others have an aesthetic need to reflect what they see as designs and technology of the future. You might decide on a little of all of these things or something else not listed here.

When I began, my answer to #4 was: Live better, maintain a reduced amount of clutter, implement more daily tech, become more involved with the community regarding alternative energy and sustainability, stay on top of new advancements/designs/science/tech, push myself to pursue a grad degree program, and possibly make changes at a state or national level. I found that reducing clutter has been easy. In order to “live better”, I’ve had to make a few trips to my doctor, be consistent at the gym, figure out a good diet that works for me, and be a little more active in practicing stoicism. Once I was able to get those down, the rest started falling into place. It has taken time and effort, but I’m making progress.

What helps me out is to keep myself scheduled and to produce some sort of content that is based in ultramodern futurism. Yes, I write/maintain this blog, but I also have been working on some art projects for an upcoming art show that is ultramodern based. I spend time reading about ultramodern futurism topics.

If you’re going to be interested in this, then allow yourself to be fully engaged with it in some manner.

What Happens After These First Steps?

We seek community of like-minded people once we allow ourselves to become engaged in a certain lifestyle. That’s what we’re doing, we’re adapting to a new lifestyle and mentality. This is why there are mentions of crews on the website. If you find a local group, real life or online, give yourselves a name and share with us. You never know who is looking for other people.

Projects and Research are the natural next steps. It doesn’t have to be anything major, but we start investigating what we’re interested in. Projects and research help us to make personal progress and can also help further cultural/societal progress, depending on the research or project. As you have noticed on the blog, there are product reviews (which for me is part of my personal progress to see what works and what doesn’t). I have other projects and research that I do; some are personal, some are community-based, some are state-based. Always have something going on. It keeps your mind fresh, it keeps you busy, and it gives you something interesting to discuss with people.

Ultramodern Look. Is there an ultramodern look? Sure. It's a melting pot of sci-fi futuristic style mixed with cyberpunk, vaporwave, spaceage fashion (retro-futurism), dystopian future, and whatever else you want to include in there. It might include wearable tech. Putting together a new look can be fun.


If you are looking for guidance of some kind, just reach out. I'll help to the best of my ability. Where are you in your process? Care to share your own trials and tribulations?

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