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Ultramods & Medical Health

Medical health is one of the four cornerstones of health that is currently out of control among the masses. Big Pharma has created medicinal crisis' (opioids, prices, etc). Medical billing for the same procedure will differ in price for those with insurance and those without. The masses often seek out unnecessary medicine as a bandage, instead of fixing the root problem. There is a lot of unbalance in regards to medical health. The best thing we can do, as individuals, is attempt to become balanced ourselves.

Natural medicine doctors may be the preferred option to general practitioners due to their open mindset and willingness to try natural options before jumping to big pharma options. A common issue is joint pain/injuries. A natural medicine solution might be to use capsaicin cream, while taking glucosamine, turmeric curcumin complex, ginger, and/or MSM powder. The big pharma solution is to get a cortisone shot, which reduces the pain but doesn't fix the injury. If you keep injuring the same spot and going in for cortisone shots, you may end up needing a joint replacement.

Another part of medical health is the fact that the condition could just be a result of a different health aspect. You could be eating the wrong food or suffering body pain due to mental distress.

Take charge of your medical health:

  • Have bloodwork done that includes thyroid (T3 and T4) testing

  • Have hormone levels tested to see if you're in balance

  • Talk to a doctor about what your test results mean, what supplements you should take, and natural solutions if there are any issues.

Why does it matter to Ultramods?

While some people absolutely need daily medications to get by (like diabetics), there are so many things that can be fixed through natural medicine, changing diet, increasing water, and regular exercise. It might take a little time to naturally fix an issue, but the natural fix is usually an actual fix - not a bandage for a problem. In the long run, it's cheaper and healthier to opt for that natural fix.

A personal example: In 2007, I went to a new doctor (for me) - a natural medicine doctor. I had made dietary changes and was working out all the time, but could not lose any weight. He scheduled bloodwork, requested that I pee into a jug for 48 hours, took my temperature and blood pressure while sitting and standing, and asked me about mental fog. Yes, I had mental fog. The bloodwork and the urine analysis (from the peeing in a jug) came back saying I had a hypothyroid issue.

One thing I like about this doctor (who I still see if I have any issues) is that he is direct. He said "Regular doctors would put you on a pill for the rest of your life. The thyroid is a lazy gland, so once you start medication it just lets the medication do the work. What I want to do is put you on a regiment of powdered pig thyroid until you stabilize and have you change your lifestyle, that way you don't have to take medication for the next 60+ years." I said "Sounds like a good plan."

The lifestyle change was an increase of cardio exercise to 5 days a week for 30 minutes or more and a dietary change to a restricted paleo diet (no root tubers is the big restriction). My thyroid was able to heal and return to normal function after 3 months - no more powdered pig thyroid supplements. I still had to exercise and eat a certain way, which I still do to this day. I went from a size 16/18 to a size 4 in 15 months. It took time, effort, and a bit of a lifestyle change, but I don't have monthly medication.

How's your medical health? Leave questions and comments below.

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