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Ultramods & Spiritual Health

Spiritual health is one of the four cornerstones of health and often gets confused with religious practices. Spiritual health deals with your energy and system of beliefs.

Every person has a human energy field (HEF). This has been documented in academic journals and has also been the basis for systems of energy work (chakras, reiki, massage, acupressure, reflexology, healing crystals, etc). This energy field can be affected by various forms of outside energy such as religious chanting/sounds, crystals, light, electricity, etc. In fact, this human energy field can also be captured in photographs through Kirlian photography and aura photography. Chanting and hymnal singing can result in reaching frequencies that stimulate the body and brain, resulting in boosted spiritual health.

Good spiritual health differs from person to person. You might prefer an organized religion, which is fine as long as you respect other people's preferences for spiritual health. Other people might find spiritual health through meditation or pagan rituals or regular body work or regular energy work or even by finding peace in playing music/instruments. Humans tend to naturally seek out spiritual health.

A crisis of poor spiritual health may result in negativity/hate/fear towards others, war in the name of your religious practice, harm towards others, low self-esteem, self-inflicted personal injury, injury to another, close minded thinking,

Why is it important to Ultramods?

Many forward-thinking people prefer to push organized religion aside, but these people find spiritual health through other connections - nature, light therapy, sound, etc. Nikola Tesla was known to have great breakthroughs while out walking (connecting with nature). Jack Parsons, a founder of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, was a Thelemite. The point is that any method you use to find spiritual health is great and it's okay to differ from person to person.

If you find yourself stuck on a problem or project or suffering from writer's block, try meditating or attending Sunday mass or having body work done or playing an instrument or even connecting with nature until you feel in sync.

Do you have any tips for better spiritual health? Share in the comments.

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