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The concept of an Ultramodern Future is rooted in forward-thinking, progress of knowledge and technology, high ideals, and to ultimately attempt to create the best society possible while simultaneously understanding that we can always become better.  This counterculture movement is situated on academia, the arts, and showing one’s worth through creation, discovery, and progress.

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01/16/2023 - Expect some new product reviews!

I am trying to make the blog posts more engaging.  At the end of each new post (except for product reviews) I have been adding questions for the readers.  Please take a minute to leave your comments and questions.

As always, I am open to working with some other Ultramods on this website.  If you want your content to be included (podcast, vlog) or if you want to be a regular contributor, please send me an email about it.  I've posted about this before - HERE.

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