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The concept of an Ultramodern Future is rooted in forward-thinking, progress of knowledge and technology, high ideals, and to ultimately attempt to create the best society possible while simultaneously understanding that we can always become better.  This counterculture movement is situated on academia, the arts, and showing one’s worth through creation, discovery, and progress.

Image by Jeremy Thomas


01/12/2024 - I am looking for someone who wants to help out with the website.  I feel like it can be elevated, but I currently have limited time.  If you would like to assist with content and stuff, please let me know.

02/02/2024 - It's Groundhog Day.  You may also notice that I have started the Tech Home series.  If you are interested in sending me potential ideas for the Tech Home series, please email me:  Don't just send me a link.  Give me a little contextual information or else it will just get deleted.  The next room in the series is "kitchen".

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