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Futuristic Fashion, part 1

For those Ultramods who like merging the creative and technical side of things, we get futuristic fashion. Futuristic fashion has a design aspect (part 1) and high-tech textile/wearable tech development aspect (part 2).

What does Ultramodern futuristic fashion look like?

Is it based on retro fashion designs, as we see in old sci-fi b-films? Is it based on uniforms? Is it all about pockets and storage? Is it shiny? Does it light up? Does it include wearable technology? Is it unisex?

Let's check out some costume and fashion designs that might impact design. The follow is a gallery full of costumes, high fashion, concepts, and stuff you can readily purchase.

Can you design something better? Can you make something better? What inspires you? What sort of textiles do you think of with futuristic fashion? What color scheme do you imagine?

If you have a gallery of your own creations, post a link in the comments!

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